Letting go

Several years ago I made one of my favorite pictures, abandoned buildings covered with graffiti and rust, in San Antonio. On a recent trip, I was excited to return to the location to capture the shot that got away. Instead of finding run down buildings, a new restaurant occupied the spot. Besides enjoying the food, what to do. I threw away my preconceptions and allowed myself to see what was before me, rather then what had been.





Look up, down and all around


Several years ago I photographed the Grand Canyon from various vista points, capturing the views as they stretched before and below me. Towards the end of the trip I began to lookup as well. At Desert View Watchtower framed by passing clouds and at the murals painted on the ceilings within. As I continued to wander, light from above caught my attention. Looking up I saw a glass ceiling illuminating stonewalls aged by time and the elements much like the Grand Canyon walls below me.

Look up, look down, look all around, the images surround you.

Friendship Quilt

My friend Grace Kaplan is a truly amazing person and artist. I’ve watched in awe as she travels through life, finding avenues for her creativity. From painting, to drawing, to jewelry to weaving and especially the quilts. For it is Grace’s quilts that have continuously astonished me. Telling a story through bits and pieces of fabric stitched together so beatifully.

As for me, I'm a woman wandering the world with my camera. On a trip to Chicago, I came upon this scene of a colorful building reflected in the windows of another building across the way.  It reminded me of one of Grace's quilts and also reminded me of our friendship: Dore' and Grace's lives, woven and reflected in each other through the years.

Time for a change


When I photograph an image, I do as much in camera as possible so I don't have to spend a lot of time in post-processing. The endless possibilities can be truly overwhelming and lead me away from my original intent.

To that end, I've simplified my post-processing by using Lightroom and Nik to create the image in my mind's eye. Having said that, sometimes I need to venture into Photoshop. Simple things seem to take forever because I'm unfamiliar with it. 

Time for a change. I've resolved to embrace Photoshop. Here's my first attempt at blending two of my images together. 


Things I don't Photography Project: People

I recently came upon a great mural that needed something to make it pop, like this group of men who happen to walk by. The person who doesn't feel comfortable taking people pictures suggested they would look great in front of the mural and they just started posing.

It isn't a great image, low light/no tripod and I didn't take the time to frame the shot in my mind's eye, but I'm a proud of myself for it's an image with people. Part of my Things I Don't Photograph Project.

Things I Don't Photograph Project: Landscapes

I don't feel comfortable photographing people and landscapes. I know what I like: architecture, reflections, color, and zooming in close, so that's what I shoot. 

My challenge this year is to photograph things that make me uncomfortable and share them. Here's the first in my Things I Don't Photoghraph Project.

Rock Cut

Rock Cut