Disillusioned Angel

Mud caked wings and tearless eyes
          the disillusioned angel flies.
She carries a weight unfathomable that even she can't overcome
Too many children born into chains or drained of their light at an early age.
Lifting soul after soul, till she's broken and numb.
Yet relentlessly, she forges on.

Beleaguered wings beat slower now
          once fueled by hope against these clouds.
She carried each child immeasurable with nursing caresses to soften the scars
But too many are found among plantation graves or in Birkenau or the Unity State
A Connecticut school and in west Peshawa
Yet relentlessly, she forges on. 

Through centuries of hate and lies
          the disillusioned angel flies.
She carries her disappointment hard, igniting our guilt with a grief stricken heart
Too much to bear in Srebrenica fields or in Mumbai brothels or among human shields
A stilled child eased from a mother’s grieved arms
Yet somehow she forges on.

PhotoLyrics - Poetry by Mark Safran - Photography by Dore' Vorum