Water Dance: San Antonio River

Recently I was scrolling through my Lightroom library when an image, captured several years ago, caught my eye. It was a river reflecting the surrounding area shrouded in shadows. I was mesmerized and wondered why I didn’t see the potential before. Experience, age, I truly don’t know.

Not much was done to make that photograph below. Captured in camera with minor edits to exposure and color. It’s the first in my Water Dance project.

©dorevorum,photography17-06 SA-408.jpg

Frigid Weather

Oh the photographs I would capture on a recent trip to Brooklyn: the river, bridges, and architecture, danced in my head. Alas, my hopes dropped as quickly as the temperature the day I visited. I knew it was time to head inside when my finger could no longer press the shutter, frost nipped. What to do? I went to the Brooklyn Museum which offered warmth, incredible art and an amazing glass ceiling. Lying in the middle of the atrium floor, I took countless photographs of the ceiling including the image above.

Not what I expected or hoped for, but by allowing myself to see new possibilities, something different.



One image at a time

Like a fine wine sometimes an image or the photographer, that would be me, needs to wait before it can be processed. As an example, recently I made the photograph above yet it was captured in 2011. Did I not take the time to really look at each thumbnail and see the potential? Have the toolbox or skills to make the image in my minds eye? I don't know the answer, but what I do know is, going forward I'm going to slow down and look, really look at my images one at a time.