One image at a time

Like a fine wine sometimes an image or the photographer, that would be me, needs to wait before it can be processed. As an example, recently I made the photograph above yet it was captured in 2011. Did I not take the time to really look at each thumbnail and see the potential? Have the toolbox or skills to make the image in my minds eye? I don't know the answer, but what I do know is, going forward I'm going to slow down and look, really look at my images one at a time.

Dancing with my camera

©dorevorum,photography17-11 NYC-293-Edit.jpg

I was captivated by a beautiful light sculpture suspended above my head and took many images from above, below, level, and while swiping my camera. When creating photographs, it was the images where my camera and I moved together, as if in a dance, that sang to me.

Reminder to self, be open to all possibilities .. the results may surprise you.