Rivulets of silver rain reflect along the wall of glass

Hopeful and blue

Individual drops of life-igniting pearls

One, then two and soon a thousand heart beats pound against the roof in a confluence of water force

They pour together into pools and puddles and overflowing banks

Becoming streams and rivers flowing deep into the roots of a waking thirsty world

Serendipity? A master plan?

I dwell on this for a second or two

At least until the sun bursts through and brings the change

A new light bends in disconcerting shapes like a kaleidoscope of pent up winter energy

Reflecting greens and pinks and buds exploding out beyond my window pane

Drinking it all in and opening

Trunks and branches, stems and petals, reaching up in gasps and swirls

All new

All fresh

As spring unfurls


PhotoLyrics - Poetry by Mark Safran - Photograph by Doré Vorum