Water Dance: San Antonio River

Recently I was scrolling through my Lightroom library when an image, captured several years ago, caught my eye. It was a river reflecting the surrounding area shrouded in shadows. I was mesmerized and wondered why I didn’t see the potential before. Experience, age, I truly don’t know.

Not much was done to make that photograph below. Captured in camera with minor edits to exposure and color. It’s the first in my Water Dance project.

©dorevorum,photography17-06 SA-408.jpg


re·flec·tion, noun. The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. "the reflection of light"

When I share my reflection photographs, folks are curious about how I saw the scene.  It is something I find difficult to explain because it is not what I saw, but a feeling that drew me in.  It is the feelings of wonderment, lightness, happiness, curiosity and serendipity that I try to capture with my camera.

Reflections: San Antonio Riverwalk 5. Minor adjustments to exposure, but pretty much what came out of my camera.


©dorevorum,photography14-12 NYC-88-Edit-2.jpg

On a bitterly cold day along the Hudson River in New York City, crowds gathered by the railing to await the sunset. The incoming storm clouds that filled the sky created a spectacular view that did not disappoint the shivering onlookers. When the sun had finally descended below the horizon, people scattered in search of warmth. It was then that the real show began for those of us lucky enough to still be around for it. Everything mixed together with the twilight sky. As I was shooting the scene before me, I noticed a hint of color out of the corner of my eye and I looked behind seeing a magical scene: the sky, harbor and river being reflected in a piece of old wavy window glass. I quickly pressed the shutter and captured the image above.

Look up, down and all around, the images surround you.

Streets of Philadelphia


I love to wander with my camera. It slows me down and allows me to see things that I may have otherwise overlooked, such as Urban Liquid. I was crossing a busy street in Philadelphia when I noticed the rounded side of a bus shelter reflecting the street scene behind me: crosswalks, buildings, newspaper racks, trees, cars and people, all blending together to create my image.

Minor adjustments were made during post-processing, but the image you see was pretty much straight out of my camera.