Water Dance: San Antonio River

Recently I was scrolling through my Lightroom library when an image, captured several years ago, caught my eye. It was a river reflecting the surrounding area shrouded in shadows. I was mesmerized and wondered why I didn’t see the potential before. Experience, age, I truly don’t know.

Not much was done to make that photograph below. Captured in camera with minor edits to exposure and color. It’s the first in my Water Dance project.

©dorevorum,photography17-06 SA-408.jpg


re·flec·tion, noun. The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. "the reflection of light"

When I share my reflection photographs, folks are curious about how I saw the scene.  It is something I find difficult to explain because it is not what I saw, but a feeling that drew me in.  It is the feelings of wonderment, lightness, happiness, curiosity and serendipity that I try to capture with my camera.

Reflections: San Antonio Riverwalk 5. Minor adjustments to exposure, but pretty much what came out of my camera.

Letting go

Several years ago I made one of my favorite pictures, abandoned buildings covered with graffiti and rust, in San Antonio. On a recent trip, I was excited to return to the location to capture the shot that got away. Instead of finding run down buildings, a new restaurant occupied the spot. Besides enjoying the food, what to do. I threw away my preconceptions and allowed myself to see what was before me, rather then what had been.