Excited to be part of the Juried Cast A Shadow Exhibition at the Hamilton Street Gallery, 6 Hamilton Street, Bound Brook, NJ. Show runs September 14 - October 31.

32.7157° N, 117.1611° W, from my Coordinates Series, has been accepted into the Summer Juried Exhibition at Abington Art Center. Show runs June 14 - July 26.

Pacific Zen was accepted into Juried Ellarslie Open 36 at the Trenton City Museum. Show runs from May 4th through July 7th and the opening reception is on May 4th, 6-8:30pm.

Excited two photographs from my Coordinates Series*, including 40.7128° N, 74.0060° W below, were accepted into Compendium, a juried exhibition to showcase the diverse array of multi-disciplinary artists, at the Banana Factory, Bethlehem, PA. Show runs from April 20th - June 9th and the opening reception is on May 3rd, 6-9pm.

*Coordinates. A series of abstract images related by the fact that they all represent “place” in the world. By including the coordinates of their locations, it shows how these images are all linked together within a common spatial reference, while still retaining their own geographic essence.


Excited two photographs from my Coordinates Series, including 36.5159° N, 121.9382° W below, were accepted into the juried Odyssey Exhibition at the PA Center of Photograph, 181 East Court Street, Doylestown. Show runs through April 7th.

Excited the photograph I made, National Parks: Wind Cave, is part of the juried Professional Artist Members Exhibition at the Main Line Art Center in Haverford. Opening reception is on January 11th from 5:30 – 8:00pm and show runs from January 5th to February 3rd.


Excited to have several pieces, including Here’s Looking At You below, in the of Conservatory Art Guild’s Fall 2018 Exhibition. Through November 10th in Doylestown.


The PA Center for Photography’s Transformation Exhibition is truly an amazing show. It runs through November 18th, so stop by and see the “transformed” image, including mine below Gehry: Seattle MoPOP, which was awarded the Curator Award.

©dorevorum,photography15-06 WA-1102-Edit.jpg

I am excited to announce my image, Impressions of Fall, will be part of the juried Members’ Musings exhibition at the Grounds for Scuplture, Hamilton, NJ. Show runs from October 26th - December 9th.

©dorevorum,photography16-06 CO-288-Edit.jpg

Artist, Reader, Writer at the Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia through October 16th. Combining the poetry of Mark Safran and photograph by me, otherwise known as PhotoLyrics.

©dorevorum,photography15-11 NOLA-134-Edit.jpg

Disillusioned Angel

Mud caked wings and tearless eyes
the disillusioned angel flies.
She carries a weight unfathomable that even she can’t overcome
Too many children born into chains or drained of their light at an early age.
Lifting soul after soul, till she’s broken and numb
Yet relentlessly, she forges on.

Beleaguered wings beat slower now
once fueled by hope against these clouds.
She carried each child immeasurable with nursing caresses to soften the scars
But too many are found among plantation graves or in Birkenau or the Unity State
A Connecticut school and in west Peshawar
Yet relentlessly, she forges on.

Through centuries of hate and lies
the disillusioned angel flies.
She carries her disappointment hard, igniting our guilt with a grief stricken heart
Too much to bear in Srebrenica fields or in Mumbai brothels or among human shields
A stilled child eased from a mother’s grieved arms
Yet somehow she forges on.  

Excited to be part of this great show in Philadelphia.

Ongoing. Excited to display my work at dtown tech, 17 East Oakland Ave and Stacks Co., 54 East Oakland Ave. Doylestown, PA 18901.

"wire" less

My image Contemplating will be part of the juried Naked in New Hope 2018. Exhibition, September 8 - October 28, opening reception September 8, 6-9pm.


dtown tech at 17 E Oakland Ave, Doylestown, has graciously allowed me exhibit my work in their space. Stop by and see my art wall.  

August 4th - 26th. Two of my images were accepted in the juried Those Who Serve Exhibition, including Lighting the Way for Others below. 

June 15th - July 27th. Two of my images were accepted in the juried  America, The World Exhibition, including Disillusioned Angel below at the Abington Art Center.

June 13 - July 18th. Excited to be part of the juried Philadelphia Sketch Club's PHOTOgraphy 2018 Exhibition at the Philadelphia Sketch Club.

June - August. Excited to be part of the juried Da Vinci Art Alliance / Lightbox Film Center Motion Pictured Exhibition at the International House Philadelphia.

June 1st - 29th. Excited to be part of the Lancaster Summer Arts Festival's juried Expanded Visions 2018 Exhibitionat the Ware Center, 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA.

April - June. Truly excited to be part of the juried Down to Earth exhibition at the Plays and Players Gallery in Philadelphia. 

April 6th - 20th. New Hope Art League Juried Art Show at The Conservatory in Doylestown 

Reflections: NYC

Reflections: NYC

March 17th - May 6th. (Land)scapes Exhibition, at the Banana Factory in Bethlehem.

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park

March 16h - April 8th. Americana Exhibit at the Pennsylvania Center for Photograph, Doylestown.

Doggie Diner

Doggie Diner

March 16th - 28th. Late Winter Exhibition at The Conservatory, Doylestown.

Urban silhouette

Urban silhouette

February - March, 2018.  An All Women Show at the IMPeRFeCT Gallery in Philadelphia.